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Grespania have been producing porcelain tiles for nearly 50 years. Now a market leader, Grespania has three factories all equipped with state-of-the-art technology and the most advanced processes for the production of porcelain floor tiles, white body wall tiles and large format porcelain slabs.

The possibilities within the Grespania product range are endless: from ideas for those seeking a touch of personality and unique style for their homes, to technical solutions for professionals involved in the most exciting building projects.

Coverlam is the result of years of extensive R&D which has made it possible to produce large format porcelain slabs in a thinner thickness whilst maintaining excellent mechanical properties. Coverlam Large Format Slabs are made from natural raw materials and are perfect for applications both inside and out creating visually striking projects anywhere!

Coverlam can be used in highly exposed outdoor areas, such as building facades, terraced areas, swimming pool linings; and for indoor areas, the tiling of floors, cladding of walls including kitchens and bathrooms. Coverlam is ultra resistant to; Wear & Tear, Impact, Stains, Chemicals, Fire & Heat, Frost & UV

Coverlam Top is incredibly versatile large-format Porcelain with a slimline profile and is extremely durable. Available in 10mm, 12mm & 20mm and perfect for Countertops.
The 23 collections are inspired by a wide selection of natural materials, such as stone, cement, wood, metal and marble. Available in Large Format Slab sizes of 1620 x 3240mm and 1000 x 3000mm.

Mainstream Granite are the official distributor of Grespania supplying both their Coverlam Large Format Slabs and Grespania Porcelain tile products.